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YouTrack Plugin Custom Field Issue


I am trying to add a custom field to the YouTrack push dialog box. I have read through all of the documentation and the few similar issues that were created in this forum. However, I cannot successfully populate my custom field drop-down list from YouTrack. It is dependent upon the project that is selected. The label appears above the drop-down list box, but no entries are populated in the list. I have brought in our development team and they cannot get it to produce the needed results as well. Please help. Thank you.


Hi there,

Thanks for your posting. We would usually recommend entering additional fields directly in YouTrack and leaving the Push Defect dialog as-is. You would then automatically benefit from defect plugin updates (which are included from time to time with new TR versions) and wouldn’t need to customize the defect plugin.

Customizing the defect plugin is still an option if you prefer this of course. In your case, it’s just important to define the custom field as dependent on the project field and this automatically reloads the field when you switch the project:

(see depends_on)

prepare_push would register the field with the Push Defect dialog and prepare_field is responsible for reading the field from YouTrack’s API. You can simply follow the ‘subsystem’ field implementation in the YouTrack plugin as this would be very similar to how a project-dependent custom field would work.

I hope this helps!



Hello Tobias,
My main goal is to have our testers live solely in TestRail and our developers live solely in YouTrack. This requires the custom plugin to populate the needed fields in YouTrack for the development team. I need Project, Type (dependent on project) and Module (dependent on project) as the three selectable fields in the form. I have attached our PHP file that we created. Please let me know if you can review it and let us know what we are doing incorrectly. Thank you.

Matt Sterner


Hi Matt,

I don’t see any attachment here in the forum but I can recommend following the implementation of the subsystem field in the YouTrack.php file. This should be what you are looking for and you would need to a) add the field to the form description (via prepare_push, with 'depends_on' => 'project', b) load the field options (when switching the project) (via prepare_field) and c) finally submit the new field when pushing a new issue (add_issue).

I hope this helps!