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YouTrack custom defect plugin


Hi everbody,

i’m trying to code a custom defect plugin for YouTrack, which allows to set the “Affected version”.
Has anybody done this already?



Hello Manuel,

Thanks for your posting. We have general documentation on how to customize defect plugins available here:

This uses Jira as an example but YouTrack should be very similar.

It’s usually a matter of adding the new field to the Push dialog (via ‘prepare_push’), loading the values for the field and returning them to TestRail (‘prepare_field’) and then finally submitting this field to YouTrack (‘push’ and the related method of the API class).

I hope this helps but please let me know in case you have any further questions.



Hello Tobias,

thank you for the answer. After I understood the “Customizing a defect plugin” documentation and finding the necessary REST call for YouTrack:

I resolved it. In the “add_issue” function I first create the new issue, like in your YouTrack defect plugin and then edit it, to set the further values.



Thanks for the feedback, Manuel, sounds good!