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XE8 support missing


We usually recommend Enter/LeaveMethod over TrackMethod in most cases as Enter/Leave makes it much easier to see where an exception occurred in the call hierarchy. I cannot currently say if or when TrackMethod support is added to the IDE plugin but you can also use the regular Enter/Leave instrumentation and then search & replace EnterMethod with TrackMethod and remove LeaveMethod.



Yes, that’s how we are doing that already. But you stated in September 2008 (!!) this:

This is already on our feature request list. We got several requests for this feature during the beta of the Delphi plugin so I think it has a good chance to get implemented in the future. Thanks for the suggestion.

I think you must give the users the possibility to choose between the methods. Why else did you make the Trackmethod ? “We made a new exciting method but we recommend you NOT to use it !” Strange… :rage:


There are cases where TrackMethd is useful but Enter/Leave usually have advantages as it’s easier to trace exceptions in the call hierarchy. So, both variants have their uses as you mention but I currently cannot say if or when TrackMethod support will be added unfortunately, I hope you understand.