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XE8 support missing



Delphi XE8 is out - but SI doesn’t support it currently.

Is there an update planned?



Hello Chris,

Thanks for your posting! You can already use the source code of the libraries with XE8 but it’s planned to look into an official XE8 build from our side as well.




Personal opinion: with the next version of Delphi appearing on the horizon - afaik Embarcadero is calling for beta testers already - the release of a new SI version is late like with XE7; all my other commercial components and addOns are on XE8 “for ages” now. I cannot stop the feeling that SmartInspect is less important for Gurock and support plus development are concentrating on TestRail. Hope this is note the case as otherwise I have to start investigating alternatives, which would be a shame really :confused: SI is a great product and nicely integrates into applications, so changing that is one of the last things I want.

Best regards,


Hi Matt,

Thanks for your posting. You can already use the source code version of the SmartInspect Delphi library to integrate with XE8 but we will make sure to release a XE8 version from our side as well soon, thanks again for your feedback.




can we change the title to “Delphi 10 Seattle support missing”? Don’t think we will see a specific “XE8 supported” version, should rather see 10… and yes, I know I can use the source code version of SmartInspect to integrate, will give it a try once I downloaded.




Purchased the software and I am rather disappointed to see that there isn’t a XE8 and Seattle plugin. More disappointing to see that was already reported months ago ! When can we expect the update ?


Hi there!

Thanks for the feedback. I understand that our previous SmartInspect updates were much faster and my apologies for the delay. We plan to post an update as soon as we have a new version ready.


Somehow I get the feeling that Smartinspect isn’t really being treated as an important product anymore. I get that with Embarcadero rapid firing away new Delphi versions it is annoying for you to update the installer for each new IDE, but then again I think this is what maintenance is paid for. Too me it looks like Testrail probably makes a lot more money, so nobody cares about SI anymore.

It can’t be too hard to update the installer packages every once in a while for a new IDE. Every other vendor seems to be able to within a few weeks after the latest IDE release.

And regarding the source code option - for me, my project does compile with the latest SI version, but I get runtime errors in the routine “TSiPipeProtocol.InternalConnect” when SI is invoked. And I have no time to familiarize and fix stuff in the SI code just to get it to work. This is really not good enough.


Sad that such a good product has such a crappy/terrible maintenance. I’ll wait some days, if there’s isn’t an update I ask my money back ! :smiling_imp:

Come on guys, how hard can it be ? All other good software companies have updated to the latest Delphi 10 Seattle. We still waiting for XE8 and later…


Hi Jasper, Peer!

Thanks for the additional feedback! My apologies that the update is taking longer than usual.

@jasper This is not an actual error and just a connection error to the Console if it’s not running. By default the Delphi IDE also stops for regular, handled exceptions (even though this is not that useful IMO and most other IDEs don’t), so you would simply add the exception class to the ignored exception list like many other standard exception classes.

@peer If you are not happy with the current SmartInspect version and would like a refund, please simply email us at contact@ and we can do so for a recent purchase.



Right, it was the console not running. Sorry, I should have been able to find about that one.


Hi Jasper,

No problem at all and great to hear that it works now! The runtime exceptions inside the IDE are a bit confusing in my opinion (especially since SmartInspect catches and handles all exceptions properly).



I’ve let my support plan expire, since it’s obvious SI is in milking mode only. I mean it would take all of what, 20-25 minutes to create and build a new package for XE8 or Seattle. I don’t even care that there are no new features being added, but the fact that the product is -so- neglected that the little effort to put out a new installer is considered too much is too much for me after all these months of waiting.


Tsagoth, raising my glass to that. Looks like same move for me, got subscription until April next year, get the feeling no updates until then. C’mon, discussion started July 2nd, XE8 release date was in early April, we’re in October now. Wait! Nothing in return so far for my investment :confused: All other companies have updates to Seattle already, some within a day or two.

If SI isn’t a revenue generating piece of software: Gurock, just admit it or whatever, current status is embarrassing. I strongly doubt with the current update behavior there will be any new customers. Let it die respectfully, release it or whatever. But posting “will release it once we have a new version” from time to time is just vaporware. And: even in case TR is the No 1 product, your customers there should have some strange taste already regarding the attitude, at least I would have.

Waiting for a positive surprise…



Thanks for your feedback. Supporting a new XE version is usually a multi-day effort on our side because of the build system changes + installer, adding support to various UI controls, documentation updates and the final testing with the new version (with all the different combinations such as 32 vs. 64-bit, C++ vs. Delphi, manual and automated tests etc.). We are really sorry that it takes longer to provide builds for new XE versions but we already started working on adding support for XE8 and now XE10 a while ago. With the now even shorter XE release cycles (and Delphi being only one of 3 supported platforms for SmartInspect), you can always use the source code version of the libraries between new SmartInspect/XE versions. Integrating with new XE versions usually only requires adding the SmartInspect installation path to the IDE options.



While I appreciate the response, I mean come on. In five months (150+ days) there hasn’t been three where you could have updated the installer ? I’m sorry, but I’m just not buying it. 3.3.59 didn’t need anything updated except the package names. Even those crooks at AidAim manage to update all their products in a timely fashion.

Anyway, I’ll abide by your advice and just use the source code from now on, and if at some point it stops working with Delphi, then I’ll switch to CodeSite.


There’s actually more involved than just updating the package names of course. I understand that the version updates do not look like much but SmartInspect is a complex product and it requires quite a bit of work to add full support for a new XE version. The IDE instrumenter, for example, requires quite a bit of work because of the controls we use and this is just a small part of SmartInspect. Adding and testing the installer integration (with multiple operating systems), adding support for the version to our build system, adding support to the library itself etc. cannot be done in just 1-2 days. I also understand that previous SmartInspect updates were faster as Dennis mentioned but we already started on adding XE8/10 support.



Well that’s nice to hear, but it’s really not much use to have XE8 support become available just as Delphi 11 is going to be released. You used to have SI updated about 8 weeks after the Delphi version was released. Now it’s over 20 weeks and there’s still no sign of it. Does that mean then that next year it will take 30 weeks for the update ?

I know the support fee isn’t much, but if the one update a year that you publish isn’t even for a Delphi released in that year, then what really is the point ? My support ran Oct-14 to Oct 15. I got one update, in Apr-15 which added supported for XE7 which was released in 2014. So for this years two Delphi releases I got nothing.

Anyway, good luck with SI, but I am not coming back on support.


In case anyone missed Tobias previous posting:



Thanks for the update ! Still missing the “Trackmethod” instrumentation with the IDE plugin. This feature was already requested in 2012 ! Now everything is updated, this feature can’t be so difficult to implement ?