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XE4 support?



Can I use the current version with XE4 or do I need to wait for an update ? If a new version is needed, any idea when it might be available ?




Hi Sue,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, this is planned but you should already be able to use the source code version of SmartInspect with XE4. We don’t have an expected release date for an XE4 update yet but it is planned to look into this soon.


Thanks Dennis.

I didn’t want to waste time trying it if you knew it would not work.



Hello Sue,

Thanks for the update. There haven’t been any issues reported so far and I believe XE4 hasn’t changed a lot of the Delphi language/runtime, so it should work out of the box. An XE4 related release for SmartInspect is planned but as Dennis mentioned, there is currently no expected release date for this.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.



Why the wait?

This happened with XE3 also. What is the point of paying maintenance if this is not updated as needed. To put together a version that runs on XE4 it trivial… I just don’t get it.

You wont be getting anymore cash from me!


After 3 months of waiting i removed every single line of SamrtInspect because i need to complete the porting to XE4.
XE4 was released 5 month ago, it’s not sufficient for a new version?

No more cash, goodbye GurokSoftware.



My apologies for the late reply. We currently work on a XE4 release and this should be available shortly if everything goes as planned. The current version of SmartInspect is already compatible with XE4 by using the source code version of the libraries (.pas), it’s just that we don’t provide pre-compiled binaries at this point (this will change with the next version).



The XE4 update is now available: