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XE3 Integration


I have just unsuccessfully tried to install into XE3.

Do you intend to release a version that supports XE3, and if so when (approximately) ?




Hello Sue,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, a XE3 release is planned but we don’t have an expected release date currently. What kind of issues have you seen when you tried to install/integrate into XE3?



Hi Tobias

One point for XE3 version! I use a lot your beautiful product so i cannot live without it :slight_smile:



Hello Giuseppe,

XE3 support is planned. Have you already tried to use the source version of SmartInspect with XE3?




I tried to install IDE plugin SmartInspectPluginDXE2.dll into XE3. But IDE complains about missing “designide160.bpl”. Should the old plugin work? Maybe it would be enough to add designide160.bpl file to ?


Hello Piotr,

Thanks for your posting. It’s not yet possible to use the plugin with XE3, we will need to recompile and make the plugin compatible first. We plan to look into this soon and get an XE3 update released.



When is XE3 support coming? As someone that pays for maintenance, I would have hoped for a compatible release a long time ago.

What is the hold up?



Thanks for your posting. As I also mentioned in my email reply, we are currently working on the update and should have news about this soon. My apologies that it has been taking us longer than usual to get the update ready, but it should be available soon and will post an update on our website then as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot.



Hello everyone,

I just wanted to notify you that we released an update of SmartInspect for Delphi XE 3. You can learn more about this on our website here:

I hope this helps. Just let me know in case there’s anything else I can help with.