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Workload Report- Identify Users actual Workload


i want to be able to create a report that would tell be a user’s actual workload.

i want to see for User X

Quantity for test by
Quantity for created by

preference would be using date parameters


Hi Ken,

Have you already tried the Users > Workload Summary report from the Reports tab? This is based on the actual todos/assigned tests for a user and includes the amount of tests and forecast/estimate to complete them:



HI Tobias,

I was looking for the total work output for a user.


a user created 10 test cases and executes 10

I want to see the total of 20 but broken down by created by and executed by

is this possible?


Hi Ken,

Yes, there are two reports for this and you can use Cases > Activity Summary for the cases and Results > Property Distribution (grouped by Tested By) to see the tests of a user.

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias
Cases > Activity Summary for the cases and Results > Property Distribution (grouped by Tested By) to see the tests of a user.

Results > Property Distribution (grouped by Tested By) - Is what i needed to see tests executed by a user- TY!

Cases > Activity Summary- Shows me test cases created but not broken down by user. Can I get this broken down by user?


Hi Ken,

The Cases > Activity Summary report includes the Created By and Updated By columns by default (which show the user who created/updated the case). That said, the Cases > Property Distribution also has a Created By grouping option and this would be formatted similar to the Tested By on the result level, so this may be a better option in your case. Would this work for you?



Yes that works… I noticed an issue with

Property Distribution (Results)- When i try to filter on tested on dates, I do not get the summary (no tests found even though i know there were tested executed on the dates i picked) when i group by Tested By. and when i add columns to the report, they are not showing up.


Hi Ken,

Which filter do you use? Is this a test run filter on the Test Suites & Runs tab or a test-based filter (Tests tab)? Which attribute do you filter by?



Im doing all test runs and tests and filter is tested on as an example is last month and grouped by tested by

Tested On: Last month

This should give me all user summary of the test scripts executed in the month of may correct?


Hi Ken,

The Tested On attribute refers to the date when the (latest) result/status was added (so, similar to Tested By) and this is not necessarily the date when the test run was started, for example. Do you see the expected list of tests without a filter on the Tests tab? You can also add the Tested On column to the tables to see if the actual dates match your expectations.



not using a filter i get the tests to show but they only show the last runs … so i don’t get an accurate measure of work.

Is it possible to to a complete measure of tests executed?

example: 5 tests the user ran them 5 times each. the report would show the number of tests executed to be 25


Hi Ken,

The Tested On and Tested By attributes track the last result per test and looking at the activity might be a better option in your case (e.g. via the Summary > Runs report). The Workload and todo reports are mostly meant for the current workload and not past performance but a combination of the Property Distribution and Summary reports would be our recommendation. We are also happy to look into additional options or a performance-based report to add to the list, thanks for your feedback!