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Word Wrap Issue while logging Test Results



word wrap issue comes for “ one biggggg! string ” entered while logging test result(i.e 12345678,12345678,12345678,12345678 without any spaces in between data).

In case the strings are separated with whitespaces then the whole content is getting word wrapped (i.e 12345678, 12345678, 12345678, 12345678 with spaces in between each string). Works fine.

I would like to know if this can be fixed?



Hi tvelan23,

Thank you for reporting this behavior! The text in a string result field should be wrapped to ensure that the text does not obscure other fields, like the string case field. I have created a bug report for this so that our DevOps team is aware of the issue. In the meantime, we would recommend including a white space or hyphen in these string values when possible to wrap the text. You could also look into creating a custom text field type to store these values if it is not possible to include white spaces or hyphens.

I hope this helps!