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Word wrap case title


When viewing an individual test case, the title of the case is truncated with an ellipsis, and the user has to hover over the title to see the full title. How would I go about changing the title to word wrap instead?




Thanks for your posting! The title bars cannot be changed currently but the hover would show the full title as you mentioned. The next version of TestRail will also introduce a new way to view your tests/cases and you can have the regular case/test tables and the case/test view open at the same time. This will make it easier to see the full title (as you could still look at the row in the table).



Is there a way I can duplicate the title someplace else, like inside the other case fields? Not being able to see everything necessary to run the test case at a glance is a significant hinderance to productivity.

When is this new version scheduled for release?



It’s currently not possible to display this elsewhere but we are happy to look into this. The current estimate for the next version would be early/mid-December and things are looking good so far!



The new view reduces the width of the title even further, cutting off even more of the title. Even short titles get cut off in that view. That’s completely unusable. :frowning:


Thanks for your feedback. Could you please let me know the monitor resolution you use? We optimized the three-pane view to make it work with large and small monitors alike that the larger the monitor the better, of course.



Most of my testers are using 1920x1080.

Are you sure this cannot be modified with some css changes or something? Not being able to easily see all relevant information to a test case is a very significant issue to my org, and it’s cost-prohibitive to redesign how our test cases are written based on a limitation of the TestRail UI.



Thanks for your reply. Yes, there’s a UI script you can use to make the titles wrap in the grids/tables and this would look as follows:

name: Wrap case or test titles in grids
description: Wrap case or test titles in grids
author: Gurock Software
version: 1.0
includes: ^(suites|runs)/view

.grid td {
    white-space: normal;

You can add this UI script in the administration area under Administration > Customization (at the bottom).

I haven’t mentioned this before because this feature/modification is best used in combination with the new three-pane view (as you can then see all details and add results directly on the run page) and the three-pane view was just introduced this week.

Would this work for you?



Thanks for your prompt reply. This is far far better. But it still necessitates using the three-pane view. Is something like this doable for the individual case view?



Great to hear that you like this better! This is only available for the grids/tables at the moment but we are happy to look into supporting this for the regular test page/header as well.