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Will changing the default template for Test Cases affect existing Test Cases or only newly added ones?

When I started in my current position, there were existing Test Cases in Test Rail and Test Cases in TFS that I had to export and import into Test Rail. I am now working on editing them as needed.

I would like to change the default Test Case template to Steps so that I don’t have to change the template to Steps every time I edit the Test Cases.

My concern is that doing this may affect the existing Test Cases that are still using the Text Template, that I still need to edit.

Does anyone know if changing the default Test Case template only affects any newly added Test Cases moving forward, or if it will also affect any existing Test Cases as well?

Thank you.

changing the default template doesn’t effect existing test cases.
The old cases still will use the former selected template.
It is more or less just a preselection of the fields should on first edit / creation.


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