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Why the change column depends on page navigation?


Hi guys, we try to generate report of 1200 test cases; then noticed the change column (created and updated) not sync.

When we extend the pagination “Maximum number of test cases to display:” option to 5000 - then it synced properly.

May I know why it works such way?.



Thanks for the post! The ‘Updated By’ column would show the last user to make a change to a specific test case’s details. Based on the screenshot, it appears you are using the ‘Activity Summary’ report in TestRail. When creating this report for a specific time frame, the ‘Updated By’ column would always reflect the last user to update the test case, regardless of the report’s time frame. However, the ‘Updated’ or ‘Created’ values shown in the left-hand column of the report would reflect whether changes were made to the test case during the time frame of the report.

For example:

Assume a test case was created yesterday by me and updated today by Bob.
If you run the ‘Activity Summary’ report for the test case using yesterday as the time frame, you would see the ‘Created’ status in the report, ‘Created By’ Jon and ‘Updated By’ Bob.

If you run the report for the same test case for yesterday and today, you would see [C] and [U] in the left-hand column with same ‘Created By’ Jon and ‘Updated By’ Bob values as above.

If you feel there is an error in the report due to pagination (and are willing to share the report) please download both the incorrect and correct report in HTML and send the complete Zip files to so we can help troubleshoot and review this report issue in greater detail.