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Why requirements need to be written outside TesRail?



I am using the free trial of TestRail.

I realise that the requirements need to be written as an external resource, and then that resource need to be imported within TestRail.

What is the logic of this ?

Why TestRail doesn’t manage the requirements directly ?

Thank you



Hey @hpr,

I agree with your point, though might I make a suggestion? You could create a template for Requirements/Use Cases and when you create test cases you just reference them? TestRail has a pretty nice template system and you only have to include the fields you need for designing a requirements case.


Hi Harmin,

Thanks for your posting. TestRail doesn’t have a built-in requirement management module, because we found that most teams prefer to manage their requirements/user stories/feature requests within their issue tracker such as JIRA, wiki software or dedicated requirement management tools. That said, you can link test cases to externally stored requirements via TestRail’s References field. You can learn more about the References field on our website here:

TestRail also comes with various reports for requirements and other metrics. For example, you can generate traceability and coverage reports for requirements or defects from the Reports tab. The most popular tool for managing requirements or user stories together with TestRail would be JIRA and we have a very advanced JIRA integration:

I hope this helps!