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Why "Preconditions" aren't shown in "Test runs"?


When I’m creating a new test case, I’m able to add preconditions there, but after include this test case to a test run, the precondition added is not shown to execute the test case.

How can I show this field when I’m running my test cases from test run?



Hello Rafael,

Thanks for your post! The preconditions are visible on the test level when viewing the test, however this isn’t visible from the Add Result dialog. That said, you can also reposition the ‘Add Result’ window as this can be moved if needed (just drag and drop the header). You can also hit the ‘Start Progress’ button directly on the test view to start the progress timer, and then open the ‘Add Result’ dialog after finishing the test. This would allow you to view the Preconditions field while testing. Hope this helps!