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Why I can't move or copy test cases inside the same suite?


I remember I was able to to that before. Now I am able to move or copy the subsection with all test cases in it, but not able to move single or multi test cases. I’m using TestRail v3.0.2.3070.
Someone has any idea about that?



It looks like the test cases are not able to be moved or copied to a place which is under many levels(6+ levels) of subsections…



Thanks for your posting. You can move test cases in the same test suite via drag+drop and it is planned to make this feature easier to discover. If you press the Shift key before the drag (and hold it during the operation), TestRail’s copies the test cases instead of moving them. You can either drag the test cases to a different position on the left (in the test case list) or into one of the sections on the right in the sidebar. If you check the check box next to the test cases, TestRail will copy/move multiple test cases.



Thank you for your reply. I know how to move or copy test cases. My actual problem was I couldn’t move or copy test cases to a place where is under many levels of subsections.


Thanks for the additional details. Yes, we could reproduce this in the meantime. This behavior happens when you try to drag test cases into a sub-section on level 4/5 or more. It’s still unclear if this is related to the tree javscript control we use or how the control is embedded on the page. We will make sure to look into it for one of the next versions and hopefully include a fix as well.



What about if you want move a test case to the next page within a test suite


Hi Abi,

Thanks for your posting. Within the same test suite, you can simply copy or move test cases via drag & drop instead of the Copy/Move Test Cases dialog (via the drag/drop icon on the left per row). You can also copy/move cases to a different section by moving them to a different section in the sidebar tree.

I hope this helps!