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Why does add_case have milestone_id attribute?


So I went looking for info on why the add_case api has a milestone_id attribute and I think this thread is along the same lines:

Milestone filtering for Test Runs

This thread seems to say the milestone_id is just for showing which Milestone the Case was created in for the first time for historic tracking, correct?

If not, what is the purpose of this attribute? It confused me that maybe I misunderstand how to use Milestones (Pretty sure I do know how, and associating a Case to a Milestone does not make sense to me - except in the context outlined above)

Thanks for your time.


Hi there!

Yes, there’s a Milestone field for test cases, and we disable/hide this by default now, as most teams weren’t using it. You can still enable it under Administration > Customizations. The goal of the field is to record the initial version a test case was added for. E.g. a specific release or sprint. You can then use this field to select test cases for new runs.

As most teams didn’t use this field, and it’s mainly useful in certain situations, we disable the field by default now.