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Why can't I add test cases to an existing test run?


This is probably hiding somewhere in the documentation, but I can’t find it.

I have an existing test run. I forgot to add a few test cases to the system, so I create them, and then I want to add them to the test run. Except I can’t, unless I made the test run include the entire suite, which I don’t always want to do.

What’s the reasoning behind this?


Bah, disregard, I can’t read. :confused:


Hello Christina,

Thanks for your posting and great to hear that you’ve already found the option. Just let us know in case you have any further questions.



So… is there a way to do this?

I’m trying to find a way to add new test cases to an existing test run. What’s the trick?


Navigate to your Test Run, then select “Edit” (above the pie chart, to the top-right). You’ll then be shown the basic Test Run criteria/config (name, etc.)

Down toward the bottom are two links (select cases, include all). Simply click “select cases” and you’ll be shown a list of all currently selected cases (and you may now select additional cases to add).


Ah, so you can only do this from the Test Run >> edit flow? I was hoping you could do it from the Test Suite/Case screens.


Hello Jen,

When you’ve set the test run to include-all (the default), new test cases that are added to a test suite are also automatically included in the test run (provided it is still active). Adding new test cases manually is only needed for test runs for which you have specified a manual case selection (via “select cases”).



I totally need this feature. It would be way more convenient to have a right click option (or may be edit should have this option)

From TestSuite tab

  1. Right Click a Test Suite > show list of active TestPlans and Test Runs.
    User can select where the test case shpuld be added.
  2. Same for 1 or multiple Test Cases. Right Click a Test Case > show list of active TestPlans and Test Runs.
    User can select where the test case shpuld be added.


Thanks for your feedback! We’ve got this feature request a few times lately and we also think this would be great to have and we will look into it. It’s worth mentioning that this is only applies to test runs without the include-all option enabled and include-all runs would automatically add new cases to the selection.



Hi Tobais,

Great the you are thinking about this feature, found this thread while I was trying to submit similar request. To be sure I have understood correctly, at the moment to add test to an existing test run what we do is;

  1. create the new test under the corresponding folder in test cases tab (we have structured test in folders)

  2. go to test run edit mode and add the above test.

  3. Tester wants to add another test case/s
    repeat step 1 & 2

(we find this a little frustrating specially when we like to do exploratory testing)

Not sure whether there is a better way to do this.

What I like to do is

  1. I am executing a test run
  2. I figured that I want to add a new test to the run
  3. I click on add test case from (within) test run view (not having to go to test cases tab again)
  4. Add test case. (when adding test case while selecting test suite, test case will be automatically listed under the corresponding folder)
  5. Execute test in test run (happy life :))



Hi Nira,

Thanks for your feedback! Adding new test cases to runs is only necessary for runs with a custom case selection, i.e. runs that do not use the include-all option. TestRail automatically adds new cases to all (active) runs with the include-all option enabled.

TestRail differentiates between cases (on the Test Cases tab) and tests and you can think of tests are instances of cases in a particular run.

I hope this helps!



Thanks for your reply. I appreciate include all - gets all new tests added automatically. However, in my project, not all tests cases apply to OS/platform. So my configurations (device-os) would have selected tests and this keeps evolving as wee add = remove features from test scope.


Hi Mahvish,

Thanks for your feedback. For runs with a custom selection, you can also include new test cases but you would need to update the selection and include the case manually. Runs with a custom selection will only include the cases you selected explicitly.

I hope this helps!



Hi, voting for the feature to add a TestCase to a TestRun from the Test Suite/Case screens. It would be great and usefull!



Thanks for your feedback, Natalia!



Hi there, thanks very much


Upvoting this feature request.
I have “Test Run 1” based on select test cases in “Test Suite A”.
There are many times when I’ve wanted/needed to add some test cases from “Test Suite B” to “Test Run 1” but cannot.
Thank you,


Hi Glen,

Thanks for your feedback. We usually recommend going with just a single test suite (case repository) and TestRail 4.0 made this the default configuration for new projects. This approach has many advantages when it comes to creating test runs or reports and most teams prefer the single-suite mode over multiple suites. Instead of using suites as the top-level organization unit, you would just add an additional layer of sections and sub-sections.



We add test cases during the sprint and need to pull these in to the test run, so even though we initially selected ‘Include all test cases’, we still have a need to add more into the run during testing.
Would be good to have an easier option to achieve this directly from the test run page itself.

It would also be good when adding specific test cases to be able to filter out test cases that have not yet been added to a specific test run, thus making it easier to select the right one (and reduce the risk of unselecting tests already in the run, as I notice it’s easy to do this and thereby accidentally remove test cases from the run, with no warning from the app that you are about to do this).



Upvote for the feature to add a TestCase to a TestRun from the Test Suite/Case screens!

Additionally we have the problem that we are working on a product with more than 10 teams at the same time. Now we often get conflicts in the case selection dialogue, when the teams are adding cases at the same time. Would be great if TestRail would provide more intelligence here, or maybe lock the selection dialogue to only one person at a time.