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While using the Test Cases(Steps) template, could I assign a JIRA reference to every step?


I have prepared a test case using Test Cases(Steps) template. It has 15 steps and each step will have an individual Pass/Fail result. I wanted to know if I can link a JIRA for individual steps.
Use Case: If 3 steps have failed out of the 15 and 3 bugs are raised in JIRA, it would be good if I could link the bugs to the specific steps that have failed using the reference filed.

Thank you


Hi Sankalan,

Thanks for your posting. You can add the issue IDs to the step description/expected result/actual result but this wouldn’t automatically link the issue IDs to JIRA and use them for the integration. The integration is based on the References/Defects field but you can add the issues to both this field and the steps to make it clear which issue applies to which step.