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While exporting, how to export test step in different cells


Currently when we export a testcase, it export all in once single cell.
Is there a why where I can export each test step in different cell of a spreadsheet/excel.??


Hi @kundan,

Thanks for your posting. The CSV/Excel exports currently always export steps in one cell and you may need to increase the cell height in Excel if you don’t see all steps. For exporting/importing cases between TestRail instances, we recommend the XML export/import instead and for copying cases across projects/suites, you can use the Copy/Move Test Cases dialog in TestRail:



@tgurock Will we have this functionality available at some point? We export test cases often to share with external clients, and it really makes things difficult as we have to reformat them quite a bit. The step by step feature is great… so it would be best if that’s how it looked when being exported.




Thanks for your reply! We do have plans to review exporting steps in separate rows for a future version, however we don’t have any specific ETA/timeframe for this. That said, if you’re sharing test cases to external clients you may also want to consider using TestRail’s print options as these would be formatted a bit nicer and you can see the full details of each test case. You can just click the print icon at the top of the page and select the Details option to see the full details of the test cases:

You can then just use your browser’s print to PDF feature to save this as a report and provide to your clients. Hope this helps!



Any good news on the exporting?

Exporting is an extremely important feature to facilitate Test case revisions and communication for multiple team - in a fluid workflow- the suggestion to go via PDF is sooo 90s.

Are there any updates on ETA availability?

While it may seem redundant to repeat this request over and over, the importance of being able to have well implemented, highly flexible export functionality for test cases and sections is much more than just a gimmick.

Carry on,