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Which JIRA filter field shows TestRail results?


We’re very happy with our JIRA integration, and feel that we could more out of it if there were a way to include TestRail results in JIRA filters. Specifically, I’d like to filter by JIRA issues that either have or do not have ANY TestRail results.

Is this possible? If not, is there some way to include test results in a JIRA report, and if so, by what field name?


Hi Dorsey,

Thanks for your posting. This wouldn’t be supported directly in JIRA but you can use the References reports from the Reports tab in TestRail in this case. Assuming you linked your JIRA issues via the References field to test cases in TestRail, the References reports allow you to create coverage, comparison and defect related reports for your JIRA issues. For example, in your case you could look into using the Results > Comparison for References report from the Reports tab.