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Where to house share tools which require testing


Good morning,

I would like some advice on where to house shared tools which require testing across different projects. We have various projects which are very different - different market sectors headed up by different departments and run by different teams. However, we also have some tools which link into all of our various software applications, and which may be updated as a result of work done on one of the other applications. In this instance, we want to test the tool as well as the application itself as part of the release. Some projects may have 2 or 3 tools which we need to know is tested prior to release, and therefore I want it to be vary visible as part of the Test Plan, so that it doesn’t get forgotten about. Is this at all possible?

I don’t want to sit the tool in with the application project, as I’d have to have duplicates of the test case for each application/project, each of which would then require updating every time a change is made. It seems to make much more sense to have it in a Tools project, but then I can’t include it in the Test Plan or reporting.

How do I get round this?