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Where can I see the elapsed time of a test?



I dont find the elapsed time information on a test result. If I open the test of a testrun, I see the “Estimate” at the top, which is from the test case I assume.

In the “Results & Comments” field I see the timestamp when the test was set to passed, but not how long it actually took ?

We have the elapsed field set to mandatory, so there must be a value… where can I find it ?



Hello Andreas,

This is shown directly as part of the result as follows (only if the value is actually set):

I hope this helps!



Thanks Tobias - as I cannot see this I will ask the tester how he entered the result…


Thanks, Andreas. Could it be that the Elapsed field was set to mandatory after the result was added?



ok - the problem is that the elapsed field is mandatory due to a ui script and works as expected when the result dialog is shown.

When result is via “Pass & Next”, this is ignored, though. So pressing this sets the status and dont ask for the elapsed time.

Is this somehow achievable or how can this button be disabled ?


Hi Andreas,

Thanks for the update, makes sense. You can deactivate the UI script and use the built-in required status for the Elapsed field instead. You can configure this under Administration > Customizations by clicking on the Elapsed field.

I hope this helps!



awesome - why did I have this ui script at the beginning ?

i will never know…

Cheers and thanks


This was just recently added only (with 5.1 I believe) and earlier versions could use the UI script.