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Where can I see and assign unassigned test cases in a test run?


I can assign test cases when I create the Run but after it is created, where can I see the unassigned test cases so that I can assign them? I can filter under ToDo to see unassigned, but you cannot click on them.


When you go to the Test Runs and Results screen what do you see? If you have the rights then you can assign any case there. You can add in columns for Assigned To and Status if they are not there by default.

If you check the test case(s) you want assigned then click on the dropdown (highlighted in yellow) and choose a name. You can assign one a a time or a group of case to the same person.


Thanks so much for the reply! Actually I do understand I can see and assign from there. I should have been clearer. On higher level, if I want to see assignments at a suite level, when I look at the overview of the entire run is there a way to identify unassigned test cases? or from To Do where you can filter to see unassigned, but it won’t take you to them, is there a way to do that?

Thanks again!


Try this - in Test Runs and Results - there is a sort option and if you choose Assigned To - it should sort all of the cases and at the very right you should see a sort of all cases by People including Unassigned. I think Unassigned will be the default and every unassigned case in the test run should be listed in the main section:



Ahh… I see the problem. Yes, I can see there at the run level where you can see the unassigned. I am using a Test Plan though with Test Suites within the run. I was hoping to be able to see this same information at the Plan level but can only see that within the individual suites within the Test Plan. Thanks for trying!


Sry - we don’t use test plans where I work. Sorry I could not help more. :frowning: