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Where are votes listed?


I keep seeing folks that work for test rail saying “we’ve added a vote” to that feature that’s requested here in the customization.

Is there anywhere to view that list? I think it would be great information to your userbase to see what potential enhancements are listed and maybe provide their own votes to them.


It is not a public list…


Hi there,

As BGanger mentioned, currently we do all of our feature request tracking internally. The idea of setting up a public ideas board to allow for direct voting has been discussed, along with many other ideas for better ways to engage with the larger TestRail community. This is definitely something we’ll exploring, but there are no immediate plans to create a public feature request list in the near future.



Will there ever be a published roadmap of upcoming features?

Trying to make a determination if our company should go all in on TestRail, but we use Azure DevOps as our App Lifecycle Management. There’s quite a bit of manual up-keep with test rail and Azure DevOps when compared to using it with JIRA.

If there was some type of future road map that would likely help drive more people to Testrail, so they can know what is coming.

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@ds12will I ask the same exact question last year and this is their answer How to link testrail test run results to JIRA
Don’t expect too much visibility and transparency here. :upside_down_face:


yeah that is one of the most disappointing “features” of TestRail.

It seems they do not understand the impact of not having such public list. Features, people ask for years only get a “we added a vote”, but no information what-so-ever about any plans on them. This is frustrating and leads to lack of trust in my eyes.

I do not understand the fear of overpromise or similar. It is a sole thing of communication to not promise too much.

If you look a the “sister-company” Ranorex - they have an open roadmap (, that gives a nice overview and with they have a community discussion with active feedback.

But I doubt TestRail will change this - it has been like this for years and with the hickups of the buying and the resulting irregular release-cycling, not their strongest part.

BUT - the communication on the forum has increased massively and this is a good starting point. This is really nice to see that they improve on that area


Good to know the feedback here.

Not trying to cause a stir, but just as a invested user of test rail and decision maker at my company it’s good to have visibility into a product road-map you are recommending. Not having that, challenges my ability to sell it as a long term solution.