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When using variations of "pass" for statuses, the overall pass completion in a test run does not update


We work primarily on mobile testing and test both iOS and Android platforms. We customized our result statuses to have ‘iOS Passed’ and ‘Android Passed’ but if we use those to pass tests then the % pass rate of the test run does not increase.

For example:

Though 183 test cases were passed using “iOS passed” it reads as only a 1% pass rate.

Is there anyway to set customized statuses (such as “iOS passed” or “Android passed”) to add to the overall % completion of a run?


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your posting! Currently, the built-in Passed status is the only status that adds to the overall pass rate. For testing against configurations or different environments, we would recommend a slightly different approach and TestRail has a built-in feature for this with test plans and configurations:

Instead of managing configurations on the test or result level, we recommend creating separate runs and TestRail’s configuration feature automatically creates runs for your configurations:

This makes it very easy to compare test results across different configurations/platforms, e.g. with the Comparison report from the Reports tab: