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When killink app in taskmanager, log is not readable anymore


I write the .sil to file, buffer is 1024.
When killing my app in taskmanager, the .sil is not readable and has always a size of below 100 bytes (64 bytes or 20 bytes usually).
When trying to read it, I get “stream read error”.
The problem is, the whole logging is useless when the .sil is not readable when the app has to be terminated. Any way around this?



Could you send us such an example log file to The log shouldn’t be unreadable, of course, the only thing that can happen when you are killing your application via the task manager is that the log messages in the buffer aren’t written to the log.



Sent log by email. Thanks.


Thanks for the log file. The reason for this error message is that the Console does not correctly handle empty encrypted log files as I just found out. The 20 bytes are for the file header and some additional encrypted related data. Since you are using an I/O buffer and kill your application before the data is flushed, no log data is written and the log file is basically empty.

The Console does not handle this situation correctly. It doesn’t influence the stability or state of the Console but the error message shouldn’t be displayed, of course. The correct behavior would be to load the log file as usual and to not display any log messages (since the log file is empty). A fix for this will be included in the next SmartInspect version.

This would explain the behavior for the 20 bytes log file. If you also have additional log files with other sizes that generate the same error message in the Console, it would be great if you could send them to us as well.