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When importing test cases, why can I not set 'Created By'/'Created On'?



when I import test cases via csv, I cannot set the ‘Created …’ fields. See image

Do I need to configure something ? Or is there a reason behind losing the authorship of the test cases ? Currently the person who imports the cases gets ownership, which is not wanted.


Hello Andreas,

The Created By/On fields are managed automatically by TestRail, but you could look into adding custom fields to store the attributes for the imported cases. Would this work for you?



I see that these fields are handled by Test Rail, but what reason is there to not be able to set them during import ?

In my eyes ownership is of importance for traceability. With importing, this traceability is lost.

A custom field seems not the answer. I would need to create an additional field with a similar name to be able to do, what the actual “Created By” field for example is supposed to be.

People will get confused if two of almost identical fields are present.


Hello Andreas,

We are happy to look into this but I believe most systems would manage the Created By/On fields automatically without override options. I agree that this makes sense especially for importing cases from previous systems and we will make sure to review this.



I see this is an old thread, but I also would like to have an option to set the “Created By” field during import. The point is that I am importing test-plans written by different members of my team, and would like to have that ownership reflected in the test-suites.

Obviously I could just have everyone import their own test-suites, but since they are all new users of TestRail, I am taking care of this step for my whole team. This has the added benefit of giving me control over the structure and naming conventions at the time of import.

Hopefully you will consider adding this bit of functionality to the roadmap.
– Mark


Hi Mark,

Thanks for your feedback! We still have plans to review this, however we don’t have any timeframe/ETA for this just yet. I’m happy to add a vote and your feedback to this feature request on your behalf as well. Hope this helps!