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When I stop a test the day after I start it, it adds a day to the elapsed time


Why is it when I start a test at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, and don’t end the test until Wed @ 8.a.m. it shows 2 DAYS xx Mins in the elapsed time? It wasn’t two days, it was just north of 24 hrs. I have all the time zones correctly configured. Is there a setting somewhere I am not seeing? I’m hosting it locally and I’ve double/triple checked all the Time/Regional settings on both the host and the workstation and yet it still tacks on nearly a full day if the test runs beyond 24 hrs.

What am I missing?

**** EDIT: I figured perhaps it was accounting 2 business days…but having stumbled on another users post, it was mentioned that the elapsed time counter is using work days = 8 hrs…so 17 hrs would be 2 days 1 hr. Is this accurate or simply conjecture? I thought of this the first time I encountered it but didn’t think it made much sense. Please advise. **

P.S. for clarification I’m using the Start/Stop buttons on the test case.


Hello Fred,

Thanks for your posting! Yes, TestRail currently uses business days (8 hours = 1 day) and it’s planned to make this configurable. I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request.



Not to resurrect an old thread, but +1 on this. We got very confused when we posted a result as “0d 8h 24m” and TestRail reports that as “1d 24m”.

Please let me make 24h = 1d.

Thank you!


Thanks for your feedback, Adam! Yes, this is still planned and we want to make this configurable in a future version. Currently TestRail always assumes working days but we understand that making this more flexible would be great to have.