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When filtering testcases in the "Select Testcases" view when creating a Testplan


How do I go about selecting a specific Testcase ID? On occasion a user here wants to bring in a specific testcase; and while they could probably find it via various filters and such, it would be nice if we could just type in the testcase ID directly to find it.

Anyway to do that?


Hi Jim!

There’s currently no ID filter but you can also filter for the title of the case (via the Title filter in the selection filter). Would this also work for you?



Well, the problem is that the titles may be quite similar (a word or two difference perhaps). So unless we would put in the entire title it may not match.

In actuality, the titles could be the same even. Could something like this be added to a future release?


Hi Jim,

Thanks for the additional details. Yes, we will definitely make sure to look into this. Do you have another attribute you could use for the filtering instead? Or maybe add a new custom attribute for this purpose?



Yea, I agree they should be using a better filtering system; though I somewhat understand someone saying “heh, can you add testcase id #xxxx to the testplan” rather than having to tell them other details to identify it (since an ID would be a direct identifier).

using a custom attribute might get hairy; but it is a workaround. i’ll try and give them some options and see what they say. thanks!


Thanks, Jim! Yep, I agree that there are use cases for this as well and we will make sure to look into this.