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What is the difference between tests, cases and runs?

This is about the TestRail / JIRA integration.
I think I understand the For Runs tab and the All Results tab, but I am confused about the For Tests and For Cases tabs. The For Cases tab shows some results:

However, the For Tests does not.

Why does it say there are no cases linked to this issue?

Actually, I see something else. Cases are identified with C# number. Tests are identified with T#. In the For Cases tab, it lists tests, not cases.

A Test (Txxxx) is a copy of the Test Case (Cxxx) when the Test Case is chosen to be in a Test Run/Plan. The Txxx is the repository so no Test Results is saved to any Test Case (Cxxx). The Test Case is copied, given a new Test ID (Txxx), and then the results are assigned to the Txxx item…

Yes, I know that. And I get that nothing shows up in the Test rail Results unless there actually ARE some results. I just can’t explain the tabs. A colleague asked me and I have no answer.

Hey @patsrick1943,

Thanks for the post. The TestRail: Results tab will show the results of any TestRail entity that is linked to that issue. The For Tests tab shows results where the issue has been logged into the “Defects” tab of a result, while the For Runs and For Cases will show the relevant results of Test Runs and Test Cases that are linked to the issue via the “References” field for those entities. In the example you provided, this indicates that the test case titled “Account Suspension Email” has this Jira issue linked in the references tab, and is showing the results of where that test case has been included in a run. The “For Tests” tab is blank because no tests were directly linked to this issue using the defects field during test execution.

I do see that the “No cases are linked to this issue” wording may cause additional confusion, and I’ll pass that along to the team to see about updating the language to provide further clarity.

Thanks. That would help.