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What is the best way to organize integration tests?


I have several applications and services to test. Each of them have their own test rail project.

The service projects have tests for the service alone. And the applications have tests that focus on the application it self, but also have integration tests for the services.

When I want to validate a service, I need to run it’s tests, but I also need to run integration tests for it. Meaning that I need to run tests that are not on the service project.
This has become somewhat difficult to manage.

I was thinking this could be a solution:
Is there a way that I can link test cases together, between projects. So that I still write my integration tests on the applications projects. But I will have a clone/link for each of these tests on the service project.

Thank you


Hello Carina,

Thanks for your posting! In cases like these, it can also make sense to use a single project with multiple so called test suites instead of separate projects. TestRail has the optional feature of test suites and each test suite is basically a separate case repository inside a project:

(see “Suite Modes and Baselines”)

This gives you more flexibility compared to having the cases in multiple projects and also allows you to create test plans for a broader set of cases (for example, all tests for a service plus all related integration tests). The suite mode and suites feature can be configured on a per project level in TestRail and you could look into setting up a test project to take a look at this feature.

I hope this helps!