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What is the best way to bulk edit test cases?


I find the front end a bit rough to work with to make changes to test cases.
Apparently the only way to update test cases in bulk and import (in this case there would be different updates for each case, not just one big update for each case) is by using XML. However, this is rough to do visually with the markup being visible.

Is there a way to view XML in a spreadsheet format? What do you use?
Do you have alternatives that are easy to update/import the test cases?



Thanks for your posting. Starting with TR 4.0 (released over a year ago), TestRail has a very advanced bulk-edit feature for cases and you can review this feature here:

Are you currently using an older version of TestRail?




Im not looking to update bulk cases with a single change. I am trying to update multiple cases with different changes and testrail makes this hard on my end. I find using a spreadsheet to be much more efficient, but there is no way to upload + update existing test cases besides XML.

Do you have any suggestions where I can update test cases using a front end similar to a spreadsheet? Is there an ETA for import + update existing test cases using CSV?



Thanks for the additional details! It’s planned to look into Excel-like behavior for the grids but we can currently recommend using the XML import + update feature in this special case. If you have many cases to update and can automate this easily, we can also recommend using the API instead:

We are also happy to look into supporting this via CSV in the future but we don’t have an ETA for this feature at this point.




Thanks! Is there an XML spreadsheet like editor that people happen to use for this?
Doing it manually is a bit tedious with all of the markup being displayed so I am looking for any alternatives.



Hi Kevin,

I don’t have a recommendation for an XML editor but if the changes are simple (e.g. changing a single field), it can also be sufficient to use search & replace in a standard text editor for this. Another alternative would be the API as mentioned and this would be the most flexible option (only makes sense though if you need to update a lot of test cases, otherwise it’s usually faster to do this manually).



Any news on this feature ? It would ease my work enormously.


Hello Rune,

Thanks for your posting! A general bulk-edit feature was added with TR 4.0:

Can you let me know what you are trying to accomplish exactly? I’m happy to suggest the best possible implementation.



I tried to do some updates to existing cases, and running an “update-import” would make that very easy for me.
I want to update about 260 priorities among 1100 cases, so not have the posibillity to update like this costs me a lot of manual work…


Hello Rune,

Thanks for the additional details! If you want to set all cases to the same priority, you can do this in a single step (via Edit all in filter, then change the priority). Or do you want to use different priorities? You would then need to select the cases you want to update and can do this by using a filter, or by selecting cases manually via the checkbox. In the first case, you would also Edit all in filter, in the second case you would use Edit selected.




My problem : I have to make one word change in the heading to all my test cases (100) . Using the edit bulk option seems like it will replace the existing string to the new one that I enter for all which I don’t want.

Is there a way to solve my problem?



Hi garimachandra,

Thanks for your reply! In this case, we would recommend using the XML export/import feature (and using the ‘Update existing test cases’ option when re-importing). You would just export via XML, modify the title/heading of your test cases (and you can even use the find/replace function of your XML editor to do this in bulk), and then re-import into TestRail from there. Hope this helps!


Copying Test Suites

Notepad++ with the XML add-in is pretty good. I’ve been using it on 30k line XML files without any issues


Hi Jon,

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, Notepad++ is one of the recommended XML editors and there are also several others that would work for this as well.



Hi there,

Could you please clarify, if the feature is already there (to update existing cases via CSV file)?

We need this very much, as after each update cases can change dramatically.

Looking forward to your reply.


Hi Kateryna,

Thanks for your reply! It wouldn’t be possible to update test case via CSV yet, however we still have plans to review this for a future update. Currently, only the XML export/import method would support updating test cases. Happy to add your vote to the feature request.


Is it possible to bulk edit using testrail API

Hi Marco

Currently we were working with Selenium. We do have a large regression suite consisting around 80 test cases. We already did the test rail integration with Selenium using the API’s and it was successful for single test run. Now we are planning to do the same for the whole regression suit. Like if I execute all 80 cases at a time corresponding test cases in Test Rail should be updated automatically. We are looking for a bulk upload kind of thing through automation.

Can you please guide/suggest us on this?

Also is there any feasibility to attach screenshot through automation scripts?