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What is CPASS used for?

I know this is probably a silly one but simple google search did not answer my question…

Hey there,

Thanks for the post. Can you give me a little more information about where you’re seeing CPASS in relation to TestRail? As far as I know there is nothing built-in to TestRail that would use that term.

Hey Jacob,
So is it possible that it’s just a custom type of pass result made by another member or admin?

Hey @vaios,

If this is a status that is available when adding a result to a test, that is definitely the case. Likely for something like “Conditional Pass” or similar, where the function appears to be working based on the currently available testing parameters, but perhaps the full function is not baked in or similar.

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Good morning @jacob.scott

I agree with you

Thank you for your help.

@vaios vaios - Please note that knowing some context, like where you found this in Test Rail, would really help not only Gurock but anyone else who comes across the thread as well. :slight_smile:

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