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What if I want to see percent completed instead of percent passed?


In several places in TestRail, for a test plan/run, I see the statistics of passed, blocked, failed, etc. and then a big percentage for % passed. That’s at the top of the overview page for a test plan or test run, for example,

And for individual test runs within a test plan overview page, I see the progress bar color coded with the individual statuses, then a % that shows what percent passed.

All well and good, but in the work I do I’m afraid my goal is to ‘execute’ all tests – i.e. get them all to passed or failed. We aren’t necessarily retesting all failed tests until they pass.

So what I need to see there is percentage ‘completed’ (based on ‘final status’ status for passed, failed, etc.).

Any chance that will ever be customizable, so that I could choose if I wanted % passed or % completed, say? I can imagine situations where % passed would be more helpful, just not for us!



Thanks for your posting. We’ve got this request before and and I understand that using the passed percents may not be optimal/desired in all cases. We will look into making this customizable in the future and/or making this more flexible in general. It would be possible to customize this using UI scripts but given all the places where this is displayed (in many different formats), this would be very time-consuming to implement.



I would just like to agree that this feature is desirable and would be beneficial. A test manager needs to know how far their team is through the testing and I find the current display of percentage passed misleading. I assumed it was percentage complete. I suggest considering a way to display both metrics with equal prominence, e.g. 39% passed, 60% complete or 39% of 60% passed.

It may be desirable to configure what is displayed, e.g. a user may be more interested in the percentage of failures rather than the percentage of passes.


Thanks for your feedback on this, Brian, that’s appreciated!



Has there been any development around this yet? As of, I haven’t seen any change to this. I have a UI script to alter ^runs/view and ^plans/view, but as @tgurock said, there are a lot of places where these metrics are displayed, and updating them all is time consuming.


Hi Rusty,

Thanks for your posting. There’s currently no update on this feature request but it’s still planned to look into this. It’s quite a complex feature to add (because it will affect so many places) but it’s still planned to review this for a future version and we would also like to get this added.



Hi Rusty,

I hope this doesn’t sound pushy, but do you mind sharing the script you are using? I’m confident a lot of teams (like mine) would appreciate it before the official customization option is released.

Thanks beforehand!