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What happens when starting a milestone?


Lets say I have milestone 123 with sub milestones A, B, C

Here are my questions:

  • Will milestones ‘start’ when they reach the ‘start date’ automatically or do I manually have to start them?
  • Will milestones ‘complete/end’ when they reach the ‘end date’ automatically, or do I manually have to end them?
  • Is there any other benefit to ‘starting’ or ‘scheduling’ the start of a milestone other than having them display under ‘active’ or ‘upcoming’ in test runs in an organized fashion?
  • Is there any warning mechanic in place to say ‘hey, this milestone is past its due date, but its not completed’?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey, any update? :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your help and cooperation!


For the ones I know about - milestones have to be started and stopped. While it can be a pain, it is in case the milestone(s) is delayed for some reason

I have never gotten a warning that the milestone is active and past the end date. I checked in my test instance with a milestone ending 5/11/2017 and did not get a warning.


Ok thank you for the data.