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What happened to Test Suites?


All of the tutorial videos mention the ability to create Test Suites and the product screenshots (even on your landing page) show a tab called Test Suites & Cases, yet in my account that same tab is called Test Cases and Test Suites are nowhere to be found. Am I missing something, or have Test Suites been recently deprecated ?



It depends on what type of project you have set up. The default one (and recommended) is one Test Suite with all test cases. If you have this, the tab is only called Test cases, as you will not have more test suites


Hello Martin,

Thanks for your posting. It’s just that test suites are now optional and a simpler one-suite mode is used by default. You can change this in the project settings under Administration > Projects when adding/editing a project:

We can recommend using a single case repository/test suite as this makes it much easier to start test runs and generate reports for all cases of a project.