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What does the role of Tester won't see if Config. is not selected?


On the Tester Role page, there is a check box for Configuration. If this check box is not checked, what the Tester can’t see/do?


Hello Dan,

Thanks for your posting. This means that users with this role cannot add/edit configurations (or delete them, respectively). Adding/editing and deleting are two separate permissions and are displayed with two checkboxes. Configurations are part of the test plan feature and can be managed and assigned to test runs when clicking the Select Configurations link on the test plan form:

Configurations are used to execute tests against multiple environments or in different contexts (e.g. web browsers and operating systems).

Users can still select configurations for test runs even without these permissions but aren’t able to add/edit/rename or delete configurations.

I hope this helps. Just let me know in case you have any further questions.