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What do to with old outdated test cases?


Hi again,

Lots of questions are coming forward here when we now evaluate TestRail :slight_smile:

How to handle old outdated test cases? Lets say we create a test case that is possible to run in version 1.0. But in 2.0. the function has been completely rewritten which makes the test case no longer relevant. We may still want to keep it, but not use it. Whats your recommendation to do with this case? Is it somehow possible to “retire” it?

Best regards and thank you in advance,



There are two things regarding outdated test cases, one that works today and one we will add to the product soon:

  1. If you don’t need to rerun a test case in the future, simply delete it (make sure to close all old test runs first though). When you close test runs, all test case data is copied internally so that future changes to test cases, altered suite outlines or deleted cases don’t affect closed/archived test runs. So you could simply delete outdated tests, you will still be able to view them in your closed runs.

  2. Planned: we will have a feature to select test cases for a run via filters. I.e. you would be able to add a custom field checkbox called ‘Retired’, and only select cases for a run that don’t have this checkbox checked. We also plan to integrate this with milestones, so you would be able to mark test cases as relevant only up to specific milestones (e.g. up to version 1.9). We will hopefully be able to announce our plans for this soon.

I hope this helps!



Hi again,

I was also thinking about deleting test cases, but I don’t think I want to do that at all, so the second option sounds really nice. And that seems to be the only downside we found so far with TestRail: There’s no simple way to filter test cases depending on which versions they are available in, or which custom fields are set etc. Otherwise, we are really impressed with TestRail!

Best regards,


Hi Michael,

I agree that a better solution for this is needed and we will hopefully be able to provide a better way in the near future. Stay tuned!



I have also encountered this issue where test cases written for functionality that became defunct were deleted and when the functionality was added back in I had to rewrite the test cases.
Maybe an ‘archive’ option would be useful? That way defunct test cases are removed from the project when the functionality changes and placed in an archive and can be reinstated in the project if required at a later date.



Thanks for your posting. You can already implement this via custom fields (e.g. a checkbox or dropdown custom field to indicate the archived status). You can also use this field then to exclude/filter those cases when creating test runs/plans.

You can alternatively also use TestRail’s advanced versioning features such as baselines (which are a way to have separate case repositories, often per product version or milestone).

(see Suite Modes and Baselines)

I hope this helps!