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What are the disadvantages / advantages of using TestRail for automated test reporting with test cases for manual testing


What are the disadvantages / advantages of using TestRail for automated test reporting?


  • Really good Test Reporting
  • Over all overview about the executed tests in REALTIME during execution
  • Mapping from Bugs and Failure directly to Test -> Testcases linking issues via Issue tracker like Jira
  • To reproduce a bug it´s easy for QA and DEV to execute the Test Steps in Testrail


  • Automated Tests and manual Test Cases are had to keep in sync
  • Manual Test Cases and automated tests need to be designed and implemented

Maybe you have more to add?
It would be really interesting to hear you opinion to this.


Hi Robert,

Thanks for your posting! Most of our customers use TestRail for both automated and manual cases and the distribution ranges from 100% automated to 100% manual and everything in between :slight_smile: Do you use the same cases for automated and manual cases so you can execute them both automatically and manually? It’s correct that you need to define automated cases in TestRail before you can execute them (e.g. start test runs) but you could also automate this aspect with TestRail’s add_case API:



Hi Tobias,

yes we use TestRail for both.

Mainly we have first a manual test which we later on automate.

Best regards,


Hi Robert,

Ah okay, I understand, that makes sense. I understand that migrating manual cases to automated is a bit of work of course (especially for UI related tests). For UI and functional tests, we can also recommend exploratory testing which has proven to be an additional useful tool and TR 5.2 added extra features for exploratory testing earlier this year: