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Weighted Test Cases/Sections


Hi All

Is there a way to make some test cases more important than others? for example I could have one test that is critical, and one other test that is very low priority?
I know there is a way to do this but can these tests be assigned greater percentages of a test run?


There is a Priority dropdown for test cases and in the Customizations you can add Priorities if you want different ones. I think you can filter what cases go into a Test Run but not positive. Been awhile since I have looked at/created a Test Run.


Hi Samuel,

Thanks for your post! Yes, you would be able to set priorities with the built-in Priority field, and the Critical priority would already be included by default as well. You can add more priorities under Administration > Customizations if needed, and then use this field when creating/editing your test cases. Creating test runs or viewing your tests/cases would support filter methods so that you can quickly select a set of test cases using these priorities via the Select Cases dialog. Hope this helps!