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Weighted test cases - for Test Run percentage


Is there a way to “weight” test cases? I know I can set the Priority field, but that does not seem to have any bearing on the Test Run percentages.

For example, if I have 2 test cases in a Test Run, I want one to be “weighted” at 75% percent of the test run, and the other one to be “weighted” at 25% percent of the test run. Right now they are both 50% percent of the test run.

Any suggestions?



Hi David,

This feature request depends how you intend to use “weighted” test cases. For example, if you intend to use this to track testing progress. It would be better to apply an “Estimate” time of how long to complete. Then let TestRail’s algorithm predict timelines shown under the “Progress” tab when viewing a milestone, test plan or test run.

Currently the progress bar counts each test case with the same weight. As such it’s better to use features such as the Activity or Progress tabs to get a more detailed idea of testing progress.