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We are all users blocked due to "An Error Occurred Undefined index: token"

Since last Friday we are all users (200) receiving this error

An Error Occurred

Undefined index: token

We have tried to contact by phone and sending contact form with no feedback. Can you help here?

Hi @aquintas - I can see we’ve already responded to you via our support channel, but just in case (and for the benefit of anyone else getting this error), you can follow the instructions below to rectify it:

As a TestRail administrator, on a new line immediately following the ‘password=…’ line of the Pivotal Tracker plugin connection settings, add the following:


If you have Pivotal Tracker integrated with all TestRail projects, please configure this under Administration > Integration.

Otherwise, please configure this within any project which connects to Pivotal Tracker.
This change may need to be made on both the ‘Defects’ and ‘References’ tabs of the integration settings.

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Thanks, it looks working