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Way to omit Untested on the Summary of reports



I would like to have only the others status at the top of each report and not the system category “Untested”

I managed to have it in the detailed report by using the Summary Runs template but the final result display next to the circle still have the untested status in it and the % of the reports still count the untested status…

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi Aruno

Thanks for your post! You wouldn’t be able to remove this from the status and test statistics section (which includes the pie chart at the top of the reports) currently, and this would always display the full list of statuses including any untested tests as well. Any test filter chosen for a report would just be reflected in the tests and test results sections (the list of tests and their result towards the bottom), so this wouldn’t be reflected in the statistics section above. You might want to consider creating a UI script to hide this when viewing a test run/plan, and if you’re interested in this option you can learn more about UI scripts on our website here:

Hope this helps!