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Way to Copy Structured Steps Between Testcases or way to Save Common Steps


I just started using TestRails and wanted to know if there is a way to copy a Structured step from one testcase to another. For example, if I am always going to Log in to an application and select File->Open, I would like an easy way to incorporate that into a test rather than retype it each time. Even better, I would like a way to save “Re-usable Steps” and have a panel that I could just drag it over from.

I had this with another tool and it was really helpful and made testcase writing quick and efficient.


[Feature Request] Copying steps from test cases

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for your posting! You can link to other test cases via the [C###] syntax (e.g. [C17]). This does not include the steps or other details of the case directly but includes a link to the case. So, this is a bit more generic than just including the steps. An alternative is to copy a case and then just add the additional steps you would like to cover and you can copy test cases via drag & drop on the Test Cases page:

Re-usable steps is also something that’s planned to look into and I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request, thanks again!