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Watches - some disadvantages



I use the watches in a .net application to keep an overview of CPU and Memory consumption. But the autoscale “feature” makes it really hard to get an quick overview.

Most of the time the CPU load (0-100%) is multiplied by 10. :o
Actually the autoscale feature is completely useless for me. So why don´t you add a simple switch to enable / disable autoscale?

And there is another “feature” which males it hard reading the graphs … The big dot at each point. Again … Why don´t you offer a simple switch for anable / disable?

Take a look at this chart …

Well if you try to get an overview of the CPU usage … It´s a little bit tricky :confused: :stuck_out_tongue:



Hello Dominik,

Thanks a lot for your feedback. I understand that the auto-scaling behavior can be a bit problematic in some circumstances and we will look into offering an option to specify the scaling of the Watches graph manually in the future. I’m not sure how “complex” this change would be, but as the Watches graph control is a custom built control for the Console, it should be doable. We will also look into making the rendering of the dot / indicator in the line configurable.

Thanks again for the feedback!