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Watch interaction with ProcessFlows



I am currently using SmartInspect to instrument our in-house written interpreter… As far as I understand the watches are global in nature as the packets don’t have process and thread information… Have you thought about about supporting something similar to Watches but being sensitive to the current process flow so that only the “Locals” within the current method are displayed?




Hello Scott,

You are right that watches currently do not have any process or thread information and are not directly related to the current view. There’s the Selected tab in the Watches toolbox which shows the current watch values for the selected log entry but I think a better integration between watches and general log entries sounds like a good idea. I added it to our feature request list, thanks.

However, have you thought about using the standard LogValue methods instead of (or maybe in combination with) watches? This way the logged variable values would be shown directly in the context of the corresponding method.