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Wanting to be able to graph things like requests/sec,mem,etc over time


I’m wanting to be able to log things like processor usage, memory usage, requests/sec, page pool counts, etc and look at the system as a whole in addition to drilling down to specific events like sql statements.

That is, on my busy system, I notice it will get very slow (cpu usage high) and during that time, I want to see what was actually going on.

Do you have any support for that type of scenario?


Hi Peter,

Thanks for your posting.You can use SmartInspect’s Watch feature to log different metrics and valus and view those metrics in SmartInspect’s Watches Graph. SmartInspect doesn’t log those values automatically however, so you would need to log the values yourself in regular intervals (via the Watch* methods). You could also instrument your methods with Enter/LeaveMethod calls in order to see which methods are executing when your application is running slowly.

I hope this helps.



As an additional note, you can use the Windows performance counter to measure the different metrics and statistics. Depending on the platform you use there are easy to use APIs available to query this information.