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Want to create an empty Test Run


In our automated testing system, we have code that creates Testrail Runs (via the API), but at the time of creation, we do not know which Tests will be added to the Run. Unfortunately for us, Testrail does not allow the creation of an empty Run, and we do not want to “select all”. So, to work around this, we have created a “dummy case”, for each Suite, and whenever we create a Run for a Suite, we add the single “dummy case”. Obviously this is not ideal. It would be great, if we could create an empty Run.

Thanks for your consideration.
Kind Regards,


Hi Casey,

Thank you for the post. You are correct that the API will not allow an empty test run to be created. We would however be happy to look into this as being able to stage your test runs ahead of time is useful.


I would like the option of being able to create empty test runs under a test plan. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but the test plan is just a collection of related test runs. My project consists of a pool of test cases. I validate the output of different data workflows. Each workflow is validated differently and the test cases are selected at runtime on the workflow type. I’m using test plans to group test runs on a per environment and workflow. Is there another way to order/categorize test runs after they have been created? So my plan is to create test run under the test plan and then just add the results of the test cases executed for the workflow.