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VSTS/Azure DevOps Integration

I was curious if anyone has come up with a solution to integrate Azure DevOps (formerly Visual Studio Team Services (Visual Studio Online)) ?

Yes - you can provide a URL, per

but the amount of manual work to link bugs then back to TestRail that were created form VSTS (by the way of TestRail “add” link)

Just starting to wreck my brain if there’s integration improvement for applications other than JIRA on the roadmap for Gurock.

Hi Dave,

TestRail can integrate with nearly any tool. However some tools can be integrated better than others. For VSTS/Azure DevOps the method we currently have is limited to using defect URLs. References for test cases can be done in a similar fashion. See the following for details.

Alternatively you can also integrate TestRail in a different ways. For example by using TestRail’s API as part of your automation to automatically add test results.

Thanks vtran - yep aware of the integrations you provided with defect and reference urls.

Is there any where I can find a enhancements roadmap for TestRail? Feel like for an application that is becoming much more popular there should be a vision of planned enhancements.

There currently isn’t a publicly available roadmap and timelines are shifting daily in response to feature requests. That said, I did add your vote to have a better builtin integration between TestRail and Azure DevOps.

I too would love to see a direct integration with Azure DevOps. As ADO is the primary tool for the Azure platform it has a massive following and a integration would make Testrail even more valuable.

Yes most of my clients are using it

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Thank you for the feedback, Harry. I have added your vote to the internal request.

Hi, we have been using TestRail for over 5 years now and planning to move over to Azure DevOps. Direct integration with Azure DevOps would be ideal.

They’ll probably just add some random vote to some random list :slight_smile:

Hi Henry,

Thanks for the additional feedback. Azure DevOps and TFS has been a common request as of late. We’re already working on a plugin, but there’s no release date yet. Regardless I’ll add your vote to help shift the priority in your favor.