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Visual Studio Integration



What functionality is available through the integration?





the Visual Studio .NET integration mentioned in the setup just means that the library pathes are adjusted so that the IDE can find the SmartInspect library directly. There are (currently) no addons or plugins loaded into the Visual Studio .NET IDE.



I have a problem with the integration of SmartInspect into my Visual Studio 2010 Professional.
I’m using SmartInspect The installer doesn’t show me VS2010 as ide to integrate in.
Is there a possibility to do this integration by hand or is there a registry path I could check?

Michael Schrecker


Hello Michael,

Thanks for your posting. The SmartInspect installer doesn’t list an IDE if it was already integrated with this IDE version. That said, instructions on how to set up the integration manually with Visual Studio can be found in SmartInspect documentation (press F1 in the Console, then Installation > Integrating SmartInspect into IDEs > Visual Studio).



Hi that helped, I had to create the whole .NETFramework<version>\AssemblyFoldersEx\SmartInspect path in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft.
Any idea why this didn’t exist?


Hello Michael,

Thanks for the update and good to hear that this worked. This can have several reasons and we’ve seen this before (e.g., it could be a permission issue or similar) and it’s difficult to tell why this failed exactly. But good to hear that this is working now and you would only need to integrate this once (and not for every update).