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Viewing mutiple log files


I’ve just come across SmartInspect, so apologies if I’m asking an obvious question. I was wondering whether the Console can be used to view more than one log file at a time i.e. is it possible to get a merged view of 2 or more log files?



Hello Akash,

Thanks for your interest in SmartInspect and your posting. Yes, the SmartInspect Console can open more than one log file at the same time. Currently however, the Console always appends new log files to the end of the log stream, i.e. multiple log files are not merged into one big log but displayed one after another. Adding support for merging log files is already on our feature request list.


Thanks for the reply. Do you have any idea when support for merging log files will be available?



We plan to add this functionality to the 3.0 release which will hopefully be released sometime in Q2.